Holy Family Catholic Parish - Marion County, Kansas

Lawn & Grounds Maintenance

Parishioners are needed year-round at all sites to keep our church grounds beautiful and safe by mowing, caring for the lawns and removing snow, as well as maintaining the mowers.

Building Maintenance

Parishioners with carpentry, painting and handyman skills are needed year-round to maintain and keep up our churches and facilities.

Welcome New Members

New members to our parish are welcomed with a gift basket and visit by parishioners.  Any person or family can be involved in this ministry.

Visit the Sick & Elderly

Any parishioners who wish to participate in this special ministry of visiting the sick and elderly on a regular basis, please contact the church office.

Parish Charity Auction

The purpose of this ministry is to serve people in and beyond our parish in their needs, such as Marion County Food Bank, Community Christmas, Main Street Ministries, the Lord’s Diner, etc.  All are welcome to donate quilts, livestock, artwork, carpentry, etc. [of course money!], to be auctioned off after a meal in early March in Pilsen.