Holy Family Catholic Parish - Marion County, Kansas

About Fr. Kapaun

Father Kapaun was born in Pilsen, Kansas, in the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, on Holy Thursday, April 20, 1916.  He was ordained a Priest for the Diocese on June 9, 1940, and entered the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps in 1944. 

Separated from the service in 1946, he re-entered the Army in 1948 and was sent to Japan the following year. 

In July of 1950 Father Kapaun was ordered to Korea.  On November 2 of that same year he was taken as a prisoner of war.  In the seven months in prison, Father Kapaun spent himself in heroic service to his fellow prisoners without regard for race, color or creed. 

To this there is testimony of men of all faiths.  Ignoring his own ill health, he nursed the sick and wounded until a blood clot in his leg prevented his daily rounds.  Moved to a so-called hospital, but denied medical assistance, his death soon followed on May 23, 1951.

The Diocese of Wichita and the Vatican have begun the formal process that could lead to Father Kapaun's canonization.  In 1993, it was announced that Fr. Kapaun would receive the title of "Servant of God".  He received the Medal of Honor posthumously in 2013.

Find out more at http://www.fatherkapaun.org/